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Founder Dale Robinson started no more murder with the knowledge of unification and the affect’s of a united community.
He believed in order to stop senseless murder’s you had to compel the surrounding member’s to participate and in order to do so relationships had to be forged through out the neighborhood.
Basketball was one way music another. His vision is to bring neighborhood’s together creating a community will no doubt have the families become as one.
With relationships in place it simply becomes easier for those involved to look one after the other.

With Dale himself being shot in the face with a 32calibur 1986 stabbed in the lung 1987 shot again in Birmingham ALA in the face with sawed off shot gun leaving pellets in his face in 1990.
Then 1991 Dale was shot 9times with a 380calibur handgun in the chest and stomach leaving Dale Avaughn Robinson dead only to be reborn again with a new lease on life.
This man is known around the world for his love for life and the entire human race.
He has also founded hiphoptailgateforthehomeless,Jesus power ministries and tredubc(Theworldwidewolfcommittee) a conglomeration of outcast who seek to earn a legal dollar using there talents and skill to create great records and venues to perform at worldwide investing some of the cash to empower there neighborhood.

No More Murder Civic Engagement basketball program has been in existence since 1991. We are responsible for helping thousands make positive life changing decisions. For over 23 years we have been effective with working with the adolescent and young men.  We use sports as a vehicle to get the youth in the door. Although we do our best to provide a professional atmosphere for the athletes, our primary goal is to provide education, job readiness, anger management and a host of other workshops, training and presentations. In order to participate in the sport activities you must attend all workshops and trainings. During the course of the sports activities we work on the characters of the participants. The rules don’t allow cussing or any type of negative behavior intentionally or unintentionally. If a cuss word slips out you will be penalized and forfeit 2 shots and possession of the ball along with 10 full pushups. This creates discipline and respect in the participant’s lives. We have prayer in the beginning and at the end of each game. We work with our participants mentally, physically, educationally and spiritually. With this holistic approach we have been extremely effective with helping to turn many lives around in the community.

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