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Hiphop tailgate for the homeless has begun and it is oh so so very much effective. Artist and non-artist across the country have begun a movement to feed as many homeless as possible as well as create income sources for them as well more over bring back a united caring community. When people unite thing’s change and our endeavor endeavor in short is to change the numbers of homeless and unemployed in full term to change the world by creating positive actions across...
No More Murder Civic Engagement basketball program has been in existence since 1991. We are responsible for helping thousands make positive life changing decisions. For over 23 years we have been effective with working with the adolescent and young men.
Founder Dale Robinson started no more murder with the knowledge of unification and the affect’s of a united community.He believed in order to stop senseless murder’s you had to compel the surrounding member’s to participate.And in order to do so relationships had to be forged through out the neighborhood.Basketball was one way music another.His vision is to bring neighborhood’s together creating a community will no doubt have the families become as...

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SAVING LIVES – THE ... March 8, 2015 | Comments: 0

Saving Lives – A Short Film – Produced by Jay Fedigan – The No More Murder Civic Engagement Program -music by Baby Boy Robinson – Re Edited by Read more

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